Colorado’s Ultimate Bucket List Items

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Few states across America have the drive to get outdoors as Coloradans do, which is likely of little surprise to anyone who’s seen the natural wonders that dot the Centennial State, from the snow-crested mountains of the Rockies to the vibrant green forests that can be found from the Front Range westward towards the Great Basin.  

It’s likely of little surprise then that a bevy of extreme outdoor sports, from skydiving to surfing and scuba diving, are among the many bucket list items that Colorado residents are searching online for the most.  

National Bucket List Day is April 24. broke from Colorado sports betting apps updates and decided to see what CO residents dream of doing before they die. Starting with a list of top bucket list ideas from, we used Google Trends to see which ranked the highest according to search interest score. 

Colorado’s Top Bucket List Items

Note: Search period was between 2004 and present (April 15, 2024). Search interest score is compared to other topics searched. 

Rank Item Search Interest Score
1 Go Skydiving49
2 Learn to Surf48
3 Get Married47
4 Visit the Grand Canyon44
5 Go SCUBA Diving34
6 Buy a House30
7 Go to Paris22
8 Run a Marathon14
9 Write a Book3
10 Visit the Egyptian Pyramids2

What Do Coloradans Have On Their Bucket Lists?

The most popular bucket list activities for Colorado residents are to go skydiving (49 search interest score) and learning to surf (48 search interest score), while getting married (47 search interest score), visiting the Grand Canyon (44 search interest score) and going scuba diving (34 search interest score) round out the top options for residents of the Rocky Mountain State.  

Throw in buying a house (30 search interest score), going to Paris (22 search interest score), writing a book (three search interest score) and visiting the Pyramids of Egypt (two search volume score) and you have the full rundown on the activities that Colorado residents want to do the most before they die.  

Luckily for those residents, there are plenty of places where skydiving is a possibility in Colorado, though finding a good surf spot is a bit of a tougher sell in a state that’s hundreds of miles from the closest body of open water.  

Based on the digital tea leaves of the internet, it seems that many residents of the Centennial State are more than interested in jumping from an airplane or hanging 10 off the coasts of America in the near-distant future as part of their personal lists of things to do before they kick the bucket.   

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