Sporttrade Colorado Promo Code BETCO: Get $300 in Cash Back

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Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

The Sporttrade Colorado betting exchange allows you to wager on sports but with a bit of a Wall Street twist. Read our review to see what this unique operator brings to the Colorado sports betting market and how you can claim the Sporttrade Colorado promo today.

Sporttrade Colorado Promo Code Details: July 2024

Here's a quick look at the latest Sporttrade Colorado promo new users can take advantage of today. Below, I've laid out additional details on this unique operator.

✏️ Sporttrade Colorado Promo Code:BETCO
💰 Sporttrade CO Bonus:Up To $300 in Cash Back
🤝 Sporttrade Colorado Partner:GF Gaming (Easy Street Casino)
✅ Reviewed By:Adam Warner
📆 Promo Last Verified:July 19, 2024

What is the Sporttrade CO Promo Code?

The Sporttrade promo code in Colorado is BETCO which you must use for the up to $300 in cash back offer. This is one of the more unique offers among sports betting operators in Colorado given you can earn cash back on your bets, but only for the first seven days of betting. 

The cash credit is a nice spin among CO sportsbook promos in that you can pocket the cash rather than being granted bonus bets like at other sportsbooks.

Popular Popular in Colorado
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

What is the Sporttrade CO Bonus?

Expect some unique Sporttrade Colorado promos, including a special Cash Back offer worth up to $300. Sporttrade will credit your account with 10% of any bet placed in the first seven days, up to a max of $300. This offer differs from most sportsbooks in that you get a cash credit instead of bonus bets.

If you're looking to earn more from a sportsbook promo, make sure to check out the BetMGM CO bonus code with one of the highest valued promotions in the state. 

How to Redeem the Sporttrade Colorado Promo

To claim the Cash Back bonus at Sporttrade, simply sign up, enter promo code BETCO and start wagering, or in the jargon of Sporttrade Colorado “purchasing”. Place a bet and Sporttrade credits the account with 10% of the wagers’ value. Colorado Sporttrade has a Wall Street theme and converts the bet to “shares”. Eventually selling the “shares” (otherwise known as taking the reverse side of the bet, or hedging) does not generate the 10% cash back credit.

Who Can Claim the Sporttrade CO Promo?

Anyone who is located within state lines who is also over the age of 21 can claim the Sporttrade CO promo. This is typical of all promotions offered by Colorado sports betting apps

Sporttrade Promo CO Terms & Conditions

All sportsbook promos in Colorado have fine print, so stay vigilant. Make sure to note that this particular Sporttrade Colorado promo expires after seven days and requires large betting volume to max out.

  1. ✅ Sign up and fund account
  2. ✅ Enter bonus code BETCO
  3. ✅ Wager or “purchase shares”
  4. ✅ Collect 10% cash back on wagers or “purchases”
  5. ✅ Selling “shares” does not result in 10% cash back
  6. ✅ Offer lasts for 7 days after opening and funding the account

How to Sign Up For Sporttrade CO Account

All new customers at Sporttrade must create an account prior to claiming the Sporttrade CO promo. Fortunately, the process of doing so is simple and straightforward.

  1. ✅ Visit the Sporttrade website or download the app, click Sign Up and then enter the following information
  2. ✅ Full Name
  3. ✅ Date of birth
  4. ✅ Email address
  5. ✅ Home address
  6. ✅ Last four digits of your social security number
  7. ✅ User ID/Password

After that information has been entered, click the Register Your Account button. After that, Sporttrade will verify your account. 

Popular Popular in Colorado
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

Is Sporttrade Legal in Colorado?

Sporttrade Colorado is legal in Colorado and officially opened up their virtual windows in late August 2023. Anyone over the age of 21 within the state borders can sign up and play, official residency is not required. You can only actually place wagers while physically in Colorado.

Where is Sporttrade Legal?

Colorado joins New Jersey and Iowa as the only three states where Sporttrade is legal thus far. They will look to expand into Indiana and Louisiana in the near future, with other states eventually on the way.

Who is Partnered with Sporttrade in Colorado?

GF Gaming's Easy Street Casino is partnered with Sporttrade in Colorado. Aside from Easy Street, GF also owns the Famous Bonanza casino. Sports betting law in Colorado dictates that any party seeking to operate a sportsbook must be licensed through a local land-based casino. 

What is a Sports Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is just as the name implies. It is a venue where bettors can effectively exchange wagers. Sporttrade itself acts as both the forum where bettors meet and “trade” as well as a party that takes the other side of wager in the absence of players on both sides of “markets”.

Colorado sports betting law allows for exchanges such as those offered by Sporttrade, though the state gambling regulator postponed regulations allowing exchanges in June 2023. 

Popular Popular in Colorado
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

Learn About the Sporttrade Mobile App

Now that you know what the Sporttrade Colorado promo is and how the betting exchange works, let's take a dive into the Sporttrade app itself.

How to Download the Sporttrade App

Downloading the Sporttrade App is simple, and the app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply head to the app store for your device, search Sporttrade, and then download and install the app. 

What Makes the Sporttrade App Stand Out?

Sporttrade Colorado stands out from other sports betting apps as the developers strive to replicate the feel of stock trading. They even call it a “Betting Exchange” Users can view markets in both standard American odds form and as “shares”. Unlike other books, you can place “limit” orders. 

For example, suppose you want to wager on the Denver Nuggets money line vs the L.A. Lakers and the current market shows the Nuggets at -185. You can enter an “order” to wager $100 on the Nuggets, but with a top of -175. If the odds market moves and the Nuggets price at -175, you will get a “fill”. In sports betting terms, that means you now have a wager at -175. Further, the other side of your “purchase” may be from another customer, and thanks to this structure, Sporttrade Colorado often has low holds and better markets than other sportsbooks.

Sporttrade Colorado App Ratings

Apple App Store Score:⭐️ 4.7
Google Play Store Score:⭐️ 3.9

Sporttrade Colorado gets a 4.7 rating on the App Store. That compares favorably bigger and more established books like ESPN BET Colorado and BetMGM which rank almost identically.

Sporttrade Colorado Technical Info 

The Sporttrade Colorado mobile app requires 108.3 MB of space to download. Users need to run iOS 14.0 or later to operate the current version. Two factor authentication is available and recommended and may be required after two weeks of inactivity.

Positives of the Sporttrade App

✔️ Easy and intuitive interface
✔️ Plenty of betting markets on each event
✔️ Unique system with ability to view open wagers as “shares”, especially appealing for live betting

Negatives of the Sporttrade App

❌ The “trading” structure may be confusing to those not familiar with Wall Street lingo
❌ Player props and the bet types are limited. No parlays or teasers for example

What iOS Users Are Saying

  • 🗣️ “Overall, my experience with Sporttrade has been very positive thus far. It’s truly a unique sportsbook where one can trade wagers as one would a stock, being able to both buy and sell in part or whole. As for the app, I found it to be smooth, well laid out, and user friendly. Some of the nice features include a search bar that can be filtered for a quick find; knowing in advance exactly how much is available to wager for each event/market; being able to set limit prices on wagers providing players with more control over their bets, to list a few”
  • 🗣️ “What an incredible platform!!! I've used many sports betting apps and they're all similar. It's you against them. They all want you to lose. However, with Sporttrade, that is not the case. They use a "betting exchange" format where buyers (and yes sellers too) can trade sports bets. You no longer have to wait until the end of a game to make money.”
  • 🗣️ “For a new concept and new app - they’ve done a fantastic job. The ability to get in and out quick and fast based off real time environments is a lot of fun and adds a different strategy to the basic place and hold bet…If there’s any critique, it would probably be more of the service than the app where I think there should be more live lines odds as opposed to the set lines at the start.”
Popular Popular in Colorado
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

Get to Know Sporttrade Colorado

Opening up the Sporttrade Colorado app takes you to one of the most unique wagering experiences in the space. They have created a true sports betting exchange where users can actively buy and sell positions on games and team futures. 

Sometimes players simply “trade” bets with other players. While the exchange and investing angle is the real difference maker here, there remains the option to view transactions as you do on typical sports betting sites.

Is Sporttrade Safe to Bet On?

As with all regulated players in the wagering industry, Sporttrade Colorado takes safety issues very seriously. Data and funds are never 100% secure, so users should take as many precautions as possible, such as using two-factor authentication and sharing information with as few people as possible. . 

How Does Sporttrade Work?

Sporttrade Colorado operates as a sports betting exchange and differs from pretty much every other player in the space. Users essentially make “markets” in different sporting events and when they match with each other, they “trade”. Instead of the standard “vig”, Sporttrade essentially takes a “rake” of the transaction. Of course not all events have customers making markets at all times. Some will barely have any. In the absence of players, Sporttrade posts prices on both sides of all covered events and acts as the buyer and seller at those prices. 

The very unique feature here is that users can place both “limit” and “market” orders that more replicate the experience at a stock trading site like Robinhood than a sports betting site. For example, a bettor interested in the Denver Broncos moneyline vs the Los Angeles Chargers can just “purchase” the Broncos at the market price of +127. They also have the option of entering a “limit” order, say Broncos at +150. If/when the price of the market gets to Broncos +150, the order gets “filled”. If this all sounds like buying and selling Apple stock, well, that is literally the goal here.

Pros & Cons of Sporttrade Colorado

Quick access to “markets”
Tighter odds thanks to players on the site improving both sides of “spreads”
Incredibly fun way to live wager on events
Translating it all to Wall Street style “trading” can confuse
Offerings are limited, so not nearly as many player props and no parlays

Sporttrade CO App Features

Here are a handful of features you can expect to find on the Sporttrade CO app.

Live Betting

A sports betting exchange such as Sporttrade Colorado truly excels at live betting. The whole system is geared around it as the idea is for a peer-to-peer exchange and most transactions will take place as “market” conditions change, i.e. there are developments in the game in question. While sportsbooks such as Fanatics Colorado Sportsbook offer live betting opportunities, the markets are tighter and more active at a sports betting exchange.

Lower Vig 

The typical sportsbook like BetRivers Colorado prices odds at -110 on each side of an even odds wager. Thus a bettor needs to risk $110 to win $100. A sports betting exchange player often sees effectively tighter odds and other players constantly bid and offer at their own odds

No limits

Since peer to peer gets prioritized, there are few limits on wager size as Sporttrade Colorado does not have to bear the risk of a “sharp” exposing them on one side. Of course like on Wall Street, players need another side on their transactions, so a want-to-be big player may see liquidity dry up at any time.

Popular Bet Types Available at Sporttrade Colorado

As a sports betting exchange, Sporttrade Colorado offers fewer types of bets than a typical sportsbook, but more than makes up for it with tighter market in the bet types they do cover as well as more dynamic and tighter pricing. They do have all of the following.

  • Point Spreads: You can find both standard point spreads and alternative spreads. For example, Sportrade has Broncos +2.5 at Chargers priced at +104, while also listing Bronces +6.5 at -212, and Broncos -3.5 at +213, among many other active markets
  • Totals: Same as with point spreads, there are various totals markets to buy and sell. In the Philadelphia Flyers at Colorado Avalanche game, buyers of the Over 5.5 pay -138 pre-game, while anyone buying over 6.5 pays +117
  • Moneylines: Again, lots of options to chose from. The Avalanche are at -181 while the Flyers start at +160. That is tighter than typical sportsbooks 
  • Futures: Sporttrade Colorado offers basic team futures, though far fewer options than at regular sportsbooks, They make up for it with better prices. Denver Nuggets +515 to win the NBA title is as good as you will see anywhere. Further, as an exchange, it is much easier to buy and sell team futures here, vs other sites where it may be effectively impossible.

What Can I Bet on at Sporttrade in Colorado?

Sporttrade Colorado posts markets in major sports leagues, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Premiere league soccer and more. They also have wagering on individual sports such as UFC. Look elsewhere for the table tennis and darts markets of the world as the peer-to-peer exchange model is not conducive to less liquid betting situations.

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • ACH Transfer

Banking Options at Sporttrade Colorado

There are several banking options for Sporttrade Colorado users to take advantage of, most of which allow the customer to have access to funds within seconds or minutes.

Deposit Methods: 

Sporttrade takes deposits via all of the following. Funds are available immediately

  • Online banking via Trustly
  • Mobile payment sites Venmo and Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash in person at an Easy Street Casino

Withdrawal Methods:

Customers can withdraw funds via online banking and in-person cash.

How Long Does a Sporttrade Withdrawal Take?

Withdrawals can take up to five business days, though it usually will not linger that long.

Sporttrade Colorado Sports Betting Trading Platform vs Other Colorado Sportsbooks

Traditional sports betting apps like Betway and bet365 all have basically similar structures. A sports betting exchange such as Sporttrade Colorado has a system all its own. You can wager as you do everywhere else, but it gears itself more to actively manage wagers. As such, players can easily buy and sell their positions both before and especially during the events themselves.

Popular Popular in Colorado
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of Colorado to place a wager.

Comparing Sporttrade Promo Code vs Colorado Sportsbooks

Users can take advantage of bonus offers whether a specific Sporttrade Colorado promo code is available or not. They currently offer 10% cash back on all initiating wagers (or purchases) for the first seven days, with a maximum value of $300. The sportsbooks commonly offer $200 in bonus bets. 

The ultimate value of each is similar as bonus bets are worth about 60% of their face value, while the Sporttrade offer is tough to max out as it requires $10,000 in qualifying wagers within a week of signup.

How to Contact Sporttrade in Colorado

To contact Sporttrade Colorado, click on the Account tab at the bottom right hand corner of the app screen, then go to “Contact Us”. Sporttrade is available via 24/7 chat, email at [email protected] and text at 215-287-1165. 

Responsible Gambling at Sporttrade

Sporttrade complies with all responsible gambling regulations and provides the ability for users to limit their play, time on the site and funds available for wagering. In addition, customers can opt for self exclusion for a set time period which limits access here and to other legal wagering houses. They outline all the steps they take here

Our Expert Conclusion of this Colorado Sporttrade Review

Sporttrade Colorado provides a truly unique experience in the space. It is quite easy to get started and live wagering fans will absolutely love the tight and active and liquid markets. It all takes a bit of acclimation however as they design it to more replicate a stock trading site than the typical sports betting book. It will not be for everyone, as they do not offer parlays for example, and futures and props markets will likely remain limited. They also make markets in just the biggest of leagues and sports. But if you like to watch and wager, or “trade” during games, you will absolutely love Sporttrade.

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