Healthiest States in the U.S.: Where Does Colorado Rank?

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More and more, it seems like Americans are seeking out ways to enrich their daily lives by reconnecting with the outdoors, whether it be via a local walking path, bike lane or through one of the nation’s myriad of hiking trails.  

For residents of The Centennial State, it seems like younger natives are taking that mantra to heart, with the state ranking among the leaders in the United States when it comes to being healthy, with high ranks for life expectancy, obesity rates and percentage of the population that smoke.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans – predominately the younger generations – have an increased focus on their health and wellness., home to the best Colorado betting apps, used data to create a ranking system of how healthy states are based on life expectancy, obesity percentages, physical activity percentages, and smoking percentages. Based on this system, Hawaii is the healthiest state in the U.S., but Colorado has plenty of bragging rights.

Note: was used to locate the life expectancies and obesity prevalence by state; provided insights for the physical activity percentage; was used to find the smoking percentage by state.

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Healthiest States in the U.S.

Rank/State Life Exp. Obesity % Active % Smoking %
1. Hawaii 80.7 (1st)25.9% (2nd)80% (T-5th)12.8% (4th)
2. California 79 (T-4th) 28.1% (5th)80% (T-5th)11.3% (2nd)
3. Utah 78.6 (9th)31.1% (13th)83% (T-1st)8.9% (1st)
4. Colorado 78.3 (12th) 25% (1st)83% (T-1st)14.6% (11th)
5. Massachusetts 79 (T-4th) 27.2% (4th)79% (T-13th) 13.7% (T-5th)
6. Vermont 78.8 (T-7th)26.8% (3rd)82% (T-3rd)15.8% (18th)
7. New Hampshire 79 (T-4th)30.2% (8th)80% (T-5th)15.7% (T-16th)
8. Connecticut 78.4 (T-10th)30.6% (10th)77% (T-18th)12.7% (3rd)
9. Washington 79.2 (2nd)31.7% (15th)82% (T-3rd)16.4% (T-22nd)
T-10. Idaho78.4 (T-10th)33.2% (T-19th)80% (T-5th)14.3% (9th)
T-10. Minnesota 79.1 (3rd)33.6% (25th)80% (T-5th)14.5% (10th)
12. Oregon 78.8 (T-7th)30.9% (12th)80% (T-5th)16.1% (20th)
13. New Jersey 77.5 (T-19th)29.1% (6th)76% (T-24th)13.7% (T-5th)
14. Rhode Island 78.2 (13th)30.8% (11th)76% (T-24th)14.9% (12th)
15. Maryland 76.8 (T-23rd)33.2% (T-19th)78% (T-15th) 13.8% (7th)
16. New York 77.7 (T-15th) 30.1% (7th)74% (T-36th)14.1% (8th)
17. Montana 76.8 (T-23rd)30.5% (9th) 78% (T-15th) 17.2% (T-26th)
18. Wisconsin 77.7 (T-15th) 37.7% (40th)80% (T-5th)16% (19th)
T19. Nebraska 77.7 (T-15th) 35.3% (31st)76% (T-24th)15.4% (13th)
T19. Virginia 77.6 (18th)35.2% (30th)79% (T-13th)16.4% (T-22nd)
21. Arizona 76.3 (T-32nd) 33.2% (T-19th) 77%(T-18th)15.6% (15th)
22. Alaska 76.6 (29th)32.1% (16th)80% (T-5th)21% (42nd)
23. Maine 77.8 (14th)33.1% (18th) 74% (T-36th)17.3% (28th)
24. Florida 77.5 (T-19th)31.6% (14th)70% (T-45th) 16.1% (T-22nd)
25. Illinois 76.8 (T-23rd)33.4% (T-22nd) 73% (T-40th)15.5% (14th)

Colorado Knows How To Stay Active

Nationally, Colorado ranks as the fourth healthiest state in America, thanks to holding down the No. 1 (lowest) ranking when it comes to obesity rank (25%) and ranking in a tie with Utah for No. 1 in physical activity (83%). Throw in the fact that Colorado has the 12th highest life expectancy and the 11th lowest smoking percentage and you have the recipe for the state’s high ranking.  

Overall, The Centennial State ranked just behind national leaders in overall health like Hawaii (No. 1), California (No. 2) and Utah (No. 3).

Conversely, the least healthy state in America was West Virginia, with Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee rounding out the bottom tier states in America when it came to statewide health rankings in 2024.  

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USA Today photo by Logan Newell.

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