Booziest Counties In Colorado

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Few states in America have the kind of connection to top-notch beer and liquor brands that Colorado does, with the Centennial State being home of Coors Brewing in Golden, New Belgium, Odell’s Brewing in Fort Collins and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, among other brands.  

That hometown connection to some of the best beer and spirits brands is one of the reasons why certain counties in the state have higher percentages of excessive drinkers than others, with metropolitan counties like Denver and Larimer counties ranking at the top of the list alongside a few rural outposts.  

Utilizing,, your source for the top Colorado sportsbook promos, utilized the 2024 annual data by county of Colorado that includes the percentage of adults who reported as either binge or heavy drinking.  

The CDC defined binge drinking as 4 or more drinks in one occasion for females, while it is 5 or more in one occasion for males. Heavy drinking is defined as 8 or more drinks per week for females and 15 or more drinks per week for males.

Top 10 Booziest Counties In Colorado

Overall Rank


% of Excessive Drinkers 


Denver County 



Gunnison County 



Larimer County 



Jefferson County 



Routt County



Garfield County



Summit County  



Adams County



Grand County 



Boulder County 


Which CO Counties Drink The Most?

According to our data, Denver County (24.92%), Gunnison County (24.17%) and Larimer County (23.33%) have the highest percentages of excessive drinkers, which is likely of little surprise given the population size of the state’s capital city and county and the presence of Colorado State University in Larimer County.  

Throw in Jefferson County in the suburban Denver region (23.33%) and Routt County (22.95%) and you have the five Colorado counties with the highest percentage of excessive drinkers, illustrating the downsides that come from living in a state that has such a strong connection with the beverage business. 

Rounding out the list in Colorado are Garfield County, which has a 22.51% excessive drinker percentage, while Summit County (22.50%), Adams County (22.23%), Grand County (21.84%) and Boulder County (21.71%) round out the top 10 in the Centennial State.  

While it’s all fun and games to have a few adult beverages of your favorite variety, it’s worth remembering to know one’s limits and avoid drinking to excess, which seems to be more of a problem in particular parts of the state of Colorado at the moment. 

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