What is the Most Popular Birth Month in Colorado?

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When it comes to birth months, it seems like the summer is the perfect time to have a birthday in the Centennial State, with three of the four months that make up the hottest season being the most likely times for new Colorado residents to be born.

BetColorado.com took a break from Colorado sports betting and used the CDC’s Natality Information from 2007 to 2022 to find the most popular birth months of each state over that time period.

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Colorado’s Most Popular Birth Months in Order

Month Births

What Birth Months Are Most Popular in Colorado?

In the Centennial State, August is the most popular birth month overall, with 93,444 residents being born during the eighth month of the year. July (92,702) and September (90,240) were the other two that made the cut.

Considering Colorado’s Census population of 5,877,610, the three months’ combined total of 276,386 would be a sizable portion of the state’s populace — 4.7% of all residents. Of the states that border Colorado, only Utah (July) and Wyoming (May) had a most popular birth month between 2007 and 2022 that was not August. Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas all had the eighth month of the year as their most common birth month during the 15-year stretch.

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