Most Recognized State Flags in the United States

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Few states in America have as memorable a flag as the home of Colorado sports betting. With its blue-and-white stripes and red-and-orange hued Capital-C and sun in the middle, the 113-year-old state symbol is synonymous with the Centennial State. Nationally, it seems Colorado’s state flag has caught the attention of the nation at large.

We checked the quiz website and the stats for their quiz, “Can you name the US state flags?” The timed online test has been taken by more than 464,000 people. determined the most recognized state flags in the US by quiz takers by the percentage of people who got each flag right.

Top 10 Most Recognized State Flags In The US

Rank State Flag Pct. Correct
1 California 88.8%
2 Texas 87.6%
3 Colorado 79.6%
4 Washington 77.5%
5 Alaska 75.5%
6 Maryland 75.4%
7 Arizona 74.1%
8 New Mexico 74.0%
9 Arkansas 71.3%
10 Wyoming 70.8%

The photo above depicts state flags waving at a Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer game. The Rapids are one of many local teams that Colorado sportsbook apps customers can wager on at any time with their mobile phones, desktops or laptop computers.

Where Colorado’s State Flag Ranks Nationally

Out of America’s 50 states, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, Colorado’s flag garnered the third-highest percentage of correct guesses, at 79.6%. The Centennial State ranks behind only California (88.8%) and Texas (87.6%) nationally.

Colorado’s flag ranked ahead of Washington (77.5%), Alaska (75.5%), Maryland (75.4%) and Arizona (74.1%). New Mexico (74.0%), Arkansas (71.3%) and Wyoming (70.8%) rounded out the top 10 list.

When it comes to memorable state flags, it seems like the handiwork of Andrew Carlisle Carson in 1911 has caught the nation’s attention. Colorado’s square emblem ranking as one of the most distinguished in America, behind the two most populous states in the country.

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