Rockies Make Top 10 List of Favorite, Most Unhealthy MLB Foods

Rockies Make Top 10 List of Favorite, Most Unhealthy MLB Foods
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It’s been a season to forget already for the Colorado Rockies, who sit 11.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West after 31 games with little to suggest a turnaround is on the horizon along the Front Range.  

Luckily for Colorado baseball fans, they can still call Coors Field home, as the 29-year-old stadium consistently earns top marks for its design and gameday aesthetic, which is why the club frequently ranks near the top of the MLB attendance rankings despite the franchise failing to reach the playoffs since 2018.  As you can tell, we'll take a brief break from our Colorado sports betting coverage to dive into everyone's second favorite topic: ballpark eats.

Coors Field is also home of a Colorado culinary fare that’s anything but easy on the stomach, with Rocky Mountain oysters being on the menu inside the MLB ballpark since 1995. For those of you that are unaware of what Rocky Mountain oysters are, we’ll recommend you read up on them here on an empty stomach.  

With National Eat What You Want Day falling on May 11, wanted to know what MLB ballpark has had the most outlandish, unhealthy concession items to date. To figure this out, we asked fans to submit their favorite unhealthy fare within’s subreddit r/mlb. We ranked the top 10 most unhinged, unhealthy, yet fan-favorite foods based on the number of upvotes a comment received.

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Top 10 Favorite Unhealthy Ballpark Concessions


Menu Item




Mumbo Fried Chicken Sandwich

Washington Nationals



Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos

Tampa Bay Rays



Rocky Mountain Oysters

Colorado Rockies



Churro Dog

Arizona Diamondbacks



The Warehouse Dog

Baltimore Orioles



Slider Dog

Cleveland Guardians



Garlic Fries

San Francisco Giants



Rattlesnake Hot Dogs

Texas Rangers



Sweet Pretzel Bites

Tampa Bay Rays



The Beast

Milwaukee Brewers

2 took a pause from reviewing Colorado sports betting apps to ask fans to submit their favorite unhealthy fare within’s subreddit r/mlb.

Where Coors Field’s Rocky Mountain Oysters Rank MLB Wide

Across the league, the Rockies’ bull testicle dish gathered the third most upvotes on Reddit when it came to baseball fans’ favorite unhealthy ballpark concession items, with 11 upvotes, ranking behind the Washington Nationals’ mambo fried chicken sandwich (30 upvotes) and the Tampa Bay Rays’ pulled pork BBQ nachos (14 upvotes).  

Leaguewide, the Rockies’ stomach-churning fare beat out the Arizona Diamondbacks’ churro dogs and the Baltimore Orioles’ warehouse dog (eight upvotes each), while the Cleveland Guardians slider dog (six upvotes), the San Francisco Giants’ garlic fries (five upvotes) and the Texas Rangers’ rattlesnake hot dogs (four upvotes) were the next closest.  

Throw in sweet pretzel bites from the Rays (three upvotes) and the Milwaukee Brewers’ “The Beast” (two upvotes) and you have the full top 10 across the MLB, with baseball fans having a clear preference when it comes to the glutenous foods they love the most when they head to the nearest MLB ballpark in 2024.  

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